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'Vampire Diaries' Star Sean Faris Grew Up With Guns in Texas, Loves Shooting in LA

"Unpleasantville" - Sean Faris as Ben in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on The CW.

"Unpleasantville" - Sean Faris as Ben in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on The CW.  (2009 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)

You can take the boy out of Texas but apparently you can’t take Texas out of the boy – just ask “The Vampire Diaries’ star Sean Faris, who assuages his Hollywood frustrations by engaging in his favorite pastime.

“I enjoy shooting. We shoot clays down in Texas, I hunt as well. And I have a couple of guns for home security,” Faris told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while promoting his new role alongside Christina Hendricks in the forthcoming EA game “Need For Speed.” “I’m from Texas. It’s the way I was raised. Everybody’s got one. My girlfriend for the first time started shooting a couple months ago in Louisiana too. We call her dead-eye butterfly because she hit the bull’s eye, no scope, from about thirty yards out with a rifle, which is pretty good for her first time ever shooting.”

Faris also takes his fondness for firearms into the virtual world, saying he can’t get enough of any type of war game involving a first-person shooter.

“I can spend hours playing first-person shooters,” he continued. “I’ve mainly gotten into modern warfare and the black-ops and 'Halo.' There’s an adrenaline rush to it because it’s all about being quick, being able to aim down a site quick, and you get to shoot people in the head. I guess it comes down to competitive nature and the end of the day. And it’s a great stress reliever.”

Game maker EA recently released one of the year’s most anticipated games, “Battlefield 3,” which allows gamers to pilot a vast range of vehicles from trucks and tanks to choppers and jets, and Faris already has his eye on a starring role in the next installment.

“’Battlefield 3’ is already on its way out from EA. So if I could possibly do ‘4.’ Knock, knock. Hint, hint. Guys, I’m here,” he added. “Any type of war game!”