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The Top Tweets of the Emmys

Sarah Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman poses for a portrait Monday, Jan. 29, 2007, in New York. "The Sarah Silverman Program" which premieres Thursday, Feb.1 on Comedy Central gives a fresh twist to Silverman's freewheeling wrongness in the person of a flighty, self-consumed slacker. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

There were moments on Emmys night when we found ourselves far more entertained by the Twitterverse than the show itself. 

Crazy things were happening! 

Charlie Sheen was tweeting photos of himself with Ashton Kutcher, Michael Bolton was trending and Conan O'Brien was making some really strange promises. We've compiled a list of our favorite tweets of the evening. Share your favorites in the comments below.

@SarahKSilverman: "Whoever's writing the voiceover guy's banter should not do that anymore."

@RyanSeacrest: "Had a very uncomfortable encounter with @kathygriffin's lipstick. I am not okay with this."

@DougBenson (comedian): The ENTOURAGE guys really hit that one out of the park. It struck and killed a passerby." #Emmys

@hodgman: "I would like to be at the dinner when the cast of entourage finally relinquishes the Emmy to Maggie Smith."

@ConanOBrien: "I'm going to streak the #Emmys today. Look for my red carpet on the red carpet."

@charliesheen: "Giving the new kid a little advice..! With @aplusk backstage at the Emmy's..."

@LateNightJimmy @thedailyshow "We still won the Emmy for Best Kickball Performance."

@RobLowe: "Hotter in my seat than on the red carpet!! I have passed out. Good bye."

@mindykaling: "Members of my family think ashton looks like one of those white terrorists."

@Alancumming: "I didn't win but I looove Peter dinklage! Now.... Vodka!!!"


@mindykaling: Is it wrong that I LOVE in memoriams?

@videogum: Congratulations to Ray Romano on creating Modern Family. #Emmys

@rilaws (Gawker's Richard Lawson): "Chandler won an award!" Matthew Perry hears and a brief hopeful streak of happiness course through him.

@vulture: "Upset! Julie Bowen over Vergara and Betty. Imagine all the wonderfully accented curses Vergara is muttering at her seat right now." #emmys

@marklisanti (Mark Lisanti, Yahoo!):  "Like a sexually transmitted disease you incorrectly think you've healed, but has somehow recurred... your stars of Entourage.

@DannyZuker (writer, Modern Family): "Get out of the way! You're blocking Snooki!" - The Red Carpet experience for writers"  #Emmys

@tvoti (Todd VanDerWerff of The Onion A/V Club): "For those of you saying, 'There's always next year' for Jon Hamm: Bryan Cranston and Dustin Hoffman would disagree with that