Jay-Z Called 'Overrated': Who Is the Most Overrated Music Star?

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It hasn't been a good week for Jay-Z.

First, he lost Rolling Stone's "King of Hip-Hop" title to Eminem. Then pop singer Sabrina said he was "overrated."

(Full disclosure: We've never even heard of Sabrina, but apparently she wrote a song called "I Want to Shoot Lady Gaga.")

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"I can tell you who I think is overrated," Sabrina told SOHH.com. "Jay-Z. Definitely. My fiance is a huge fan and he quotes lyrics and I'm just like, 'Dude, that's not even smart.'

"I miss his old stuff," she continued. "[I saw] videos of him when he was just starting, when he wasn't really well-known and he can really rap. I didn't realize he could. He always sings off beat, you know? He can really rap but I just wish he could go back to that style that he first started out with. That was hot. What he does now, I don't feel it at all -- I really don't feel him at all."

Whoa -- she really didn't mince words.

But Jay-Z is not the only music mogul who seems a bit, well, over-hyped lately. The rapper recently compared his wife, Beyonce, to the late Michael Jackson, which had some people crying foul.

Let us know: Who is the most overrated music star?

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