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FOX411 at Comic-Con: Olivia Wilde Humbled By Her Success

A few years ago, Olivia Wilde was just embarking on her Hollywood dream having landed a role in the hit FOX series "House." But now with a string of films under her belt, and the highly-anticipated "Cowboys & Aliens" and "The Change-Up" on the way, the New York native has to physically remind herself that her success is real.

"I wake up and give myself a good slap on the face. Is it real? It’s pretty fun. It’s really cool throughout my career. Before ‘House’, during  ‘House’ and now, I’ve had the chance to work with so many amazing people and sometimes I get to work with them twice, which is really fun, because we’ve all grown and changed," Wilde told FOX411's Pop Tarts column.

And despite gracing every hot/sexy/desirable list in town, this girl is determined to keep it real.

"It’s been nuts, it’s been crazy, but it’s really fun. And no, I don’t have a big entourage," the newly-single star quipped. "I’ve got the most incredible support team. I’m having fun with it because I’m surrounded by great people and it’s an exciting time. These things don’t happen often, and I’m appreciative."

And for those who grew to love Wilde as the young internist, Dr. Remy Hadley, nicknamed Thirteen, you can be rest assured that her "House" days aren't over.

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"I will be back. I won’t be back for many episodes, but I’m going to be back," she vowed. "('House' executives) have been amazing about letting me continue my film stuff. I’m only here because of ‘House.’ They really were gracious enough to let me out to do ‘Cowboys and Aliens,’ and I did  ‘The Change-Up’ right after, sort of snuck it into that window. They were really cool about it. They could have easily said no. In many ways, I owe all of this to them."

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