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'Cars 2' Revs Up Alternative Energy Message

Taking off in theaters Friday, “Cars 2” continues Hollywood’s inclination toward conveying eco-friendly messages. In this case, the Disney/Pixar 3D animation pits traditional gasoline against a green alternative named Allinol on the World Grand Prix circuit. 

“I love spy movies, and we thought, why don’t we do a spy movie?,” director John Lasseter told FOX411’s Pop Tarts. “In great spy movies, I love good bad guys. I want what he’s after and what he is doing to be logical, so that is why we set up the bad guy up as big oil versus alternative fuel. That made sense for a spy movie in the car world.”

“Cars 2,” star Owen Wilson even drives a hybrid away from the lights and camera.

“Mr. Prius is my nickname,” he told Pop Tarts. “It just seems like it has been a good car for me. It does seem that it’s becoming an imperative to look for alternative fuel sources.”

And if you’re going to engage in road rage, Wilson recommends targeting those driving electric vehicles.

“They’re more likely to be alternate, maybe hippie ethos, and not going to fight back," he said. "You don’t want to pick someone in an SUV or a Hummer, because that’s more of a macho car, and you’re more likely to get a Navy Seal jumping out and giving you a beat down."

Or maybe Larry the Cable Guy, Wilson’s co-star in the family-friendly flick, who drives a Ford F-250 and Dodge Challenger in real life. He skirted around the question of whether his personality would ever be suited to an eco car.

“They had me drive a car one time that ran on human waste ,and I went through the Taco Bell drive-thru, and flooded the engine," he said. "They had to come and give me a jump-fart."

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