Three Guys Go Home, One Guy Coming Back on 'The Bachelorette'

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert (ABC)

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert (ABC)

Guess she never got over those boob jokes.

Ashley Hebert finally said goodbye to William on Monday night's "Bachelorette," two weeks after he made her cry for the sake of a cheap comedy club laugh.

But first off in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we're happy to see Ashley hitting it off with one of our favorite contestants, the super-sweet winemaker Ben F. These two are very touchy-feely together, and when they're forbidden from kissing in front of a sacred temple, they close their eyes for a "mental kiss." Guys, take note: This is just the sort of thing girls like. Ben F. scores the rose, as well as some more female fans at home.

The next "date" isn't exactly our idea of romance, but Ashley apparently likes the idea of 11 guys duking it out for her in a Thai boxing match. The date is particularly ill-suited for brainy, gentle Ames, who has never been in a fight in his life. J.P.'s not exactly a tough guy, either, but he holds his own better than Ames, who winds up not only wearing ridiculous pink shorts but leaving in an ambulance with a mild concussion. Ouch!

Later on at the cocktail party, morale is down with Ames still missing, but right on cue … he's back! Good-natured Ames is still smiling too, even calling the day "great." If that's his idea of a great date, we can't imagine what a terrible one would be like.

Ashley then saunters on for a sexy golf lesson with Lucas, complete with porno music and cringe-worthy lines like, "Do I stick out my butt?"

As the other guys are flirting away, Blake the dentist fears he's in jeopardy -- so far, he and Ashley are more like friends. When he confesses his insecurities, Ashley cheers him up with a rose, though we think Blake might be right about the lack of chemistry there.

Meanwhile, William is preparing for his two-on-one date with Ben C., or as he puts it, "Thunderdome."

"Two men enter, one man leaves," he declares. Is it just us, or is William taking this a bit too seriously?

As they embark on a romantic picnic date, William thinks he knows exactly how to win the rose: He tells Ashley that Ben C.'s looking forward to doing some online dating when he gets off the show. In fact, he told the guys he expects to "clean up" with the ladies.

Before even giving him a chance to defend himself, Ashley decides to send Ben C. home right away. Ben C. says he was just kidding around, but this is exactly the kind of sensibility that insecure Ashley fears most.

But William's plan doesn't work quite as well as he hoped. Ashley realizes that when William described himself as a "30-year-old boy," he wasn't kidding -- and the sparks just aren't there anymore. William heads home -- about two weeks later than he should have, in our opinion.

It's time for the final rose ceremony, and personal trainer Nick is the last man standing. We thought Constantine might be on the line, as he basically admitted he's not sure Ashley's the one for him, but apparently, Nick's push-ups weren't enough to win her over.

Ashley still has the hots for J.P. (another one of our favorites), but she's still thinking about Bentley. In fact, she tells Chris Harrison she really wants to ask Bentley a few questions … something tells her he's "the one," and she needs "closure."

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After last week's fake-out, it looks like next week will be the week that evil Bentley returns to wreak more havoc on Ashley's heart. Will he finally come clean and admit that he's a total fame bleep? 

-- Jennifer D'Angelo Friedman