Motley Crue and Poison Tour Is Hair Metal's Hottest Ticket

This tour should be sponsored by Final Net.

In a match made in hair-band heaven, Motley Crue and Poison have teamed up to rock stages across the country this summer. And Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil tells FOX411 this one's going to be huge.

"We’ve got the full big production, and Tommy’s crazy drum solo thing that he’s doing, the big roller coaster,” Neil said. 

He's referring to an actual roller coaster that will be erected onstage, on which drummer Tommy Lee will ride while performing his signature drum solo.

You get the picture.

“I mean, it’s a it’s a great concert, it’s a great package," Neil continued. "Poison has a ton of great songs, they’ve been around for 25 years. And the Dolls."

Ah yes, the Dolls, as in the New York Dolls, the legendary grandfathers of hair metal, fronted by singer David Johanssen.

"They’re big influences on Motley Crue," Neil said. "I have David Johanssen out there singing. I mean, it’s pretty cool!”

While the Crue have tried to avoid touring with fellow hair bands from the 80’s, they could not deny the inevitable, as the fans not only decided on the set list for the band, but voted for Poison to join the tour. Neil tells FOX411 this time around, they just want to give their fans what they want.

“It feels good to just get out there with a big show,” Neil said. “We’re all about [for] a 10 dollar ticket, give them a 100 dollar show.”

But after 30 years of playing live, Neil admits that touring takes its toll. 

“After the show, my knees hurt, my ankles hurt, the next morning my shoulders hurt," Neil, 50, says. "But once the lights go down, the music starts, you don’t feel any pain anymore. It's just the next morning you’re like, ouch. We’re a bit older, now.”

But their hair is still just as high.