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Scott Peterson Mistress Amber Frey Sued Over 'Memoirs of a Sex Addict,' 'Myths of the Flesh'

Amber Frey and Scott Peterson. (AP)

Amber Frey and Scott Peterson. (AP)

Amber Frey, the mistress of convicted murderer Scott Peterson, is being sued by former friend, Pedro Reynosa, for breach of contract over the authorship of a book “Memoirs of a Sex Addict” and a screenplay “Myths of the Flesh.”

According to the complaint filed in the Fresno Superior Court in California last month, Reynosa and Frey struck up a friendship in 2009, and wrote a book and screenplay together in which they entered into a contract for mutual authorship.

Reynosa is claiming that Frey has not performed her obligations of the signed contract by refusing to credit her name on the written materials, and refusing to allow her to enter into any negotiations to market the book or screenplay with her name attached to either, which has resulted in a material and substantial breach of contract.

The suit alleges that Frey breached their duty of good faith and fair dealing by acting arbitrarily and in bad-faith by purposefully failing to comply with the contract.

Reynosa is seeking compensatory damages in an amount according to proof at trial, which is believed to be no less than $250,000.

A legal representative for Frey did not immediately respond for comment.

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