Howard Stern Sues Sirius: Who's the Biggest Radio Shock Jock?

Howard Stern

Howard Stern  (AP)

Howard Stern is at it again.

The shock jock "surprised" Sirius XM Radio on Tuesday by suing the company for failing to pay him stock awards.

Stern and his agent say Stern should be paid the awards for helping the company exceed its subscriber growth targets, The Associated Press reports.

The company said it was "surprised and disappointed" by the suit, and here's one good reason why: They recently signed Stern to a second five-year contract. Sirius also said it had lived up to the obligations of the deal. 

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On Wednesday, Stern used his radio show to speak out about the lawsuit.

"I have never, ever gotten on the air and discussed my financial situation... I'm an honest guy who believes in fairness. I believe that I've been dealt with unfairly," he said.

True ... but sometimes Stern is a little TOO honest, like when he insulted "Precious" actress Gabourey Sidibe last year.

From Stern to Don Imus, let us know: Who is the biggest radio shock jock?