'Hell's Kitchen' Star Gordon Ramsay Could Face Problems After Hair Transplant, Expert Says



Gordon Ramsay could suffer a lot more face trauma before his cosmetic surgery settles down, claims an expert.

His mug has looked swollen since a hair transplant.

The 44-year-old TV chef had the $45,000 operation last week to remove and reinsert follicles.

But an expert says fluid will soon drain to his cheeks, jowls and neck.

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Ramsay's chin will also be affected, a year after he had dermal fillers injected into it to smooth crevices.

Dr Mabroor Bhatti, of Transform cosmetic surgery, said: "It would appear he has had a reaction from his heavy hair transplant.

"Patients can experience swelling which can work itself from the head to the bottom of the face. Gordon seems to have suffered more than usual."

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