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FIRST LOOK: Kendra Wilkinson Trying For Baby Number Two to Save Marriage

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett's first photo since sex tape scandal, exclusively in this week's issue in Life & Style magazine. (Courtesy: Life & Style)

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett's first photo since sex tape scandal, exclusively in this week's issue in Life & Style magazine. (Courtesy: Life & Style)

Kendra Wilkinson has been laying pretty low since the news of her sex tape broke.

Now, after exclusively publishing the proposed cover art for the Vivid video on Tuesday, Pop Tarts has obtained the first photos of the former Playboy pinup with her family since the revelation in an exclusive first look from this week's Life & Style magazine.

Wilkinson and her NFL star husband Hank Baskett escaped Los Angeles to spend some in Palm Springs, Calif. with their son Hank IV last week, putting on a brave face amid rumors that the marriage is falling apart as a result of Wilkinson’s alleged tape, and reports that she even tried shopping it around herself 18 months ago.

SLIDESHOW: Kendra's Sex Tape Cover Exclusive.

An insider told the magazine that the couple, who welcomed their first child in December last year, is already trying for baby number two in an attempt to salvage their relationship.

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“They’ve been trying for a second child for a while. And Kendra hopes it will happen sooner rather than later,” a source said. “Kendra knows she upset Hank over all this sex-tape stuff, and she wants it all to go away… Focusing on another baby would help. Plus, it would make for more great TV for the show ['Kendra'].”

And when it comes to keeping her husband, it seems Wilkinson’s plan is working.

“There was some tension, but they managed to get over their problems and focus on the baby,” the insider told Life & Style. “At the end of the day, Kendra’s main concern is keeping her family intact, and a new child could only help.”

Speaking of Hugh Hefner’s former flames, the mens magazine mogul’s other ex-girlfriend, Bridget Marquardt, is busy expanding her “brand” and we’ve learned that she set to collaborate with celebrity jeweler Pascal Mouawad with her very own watch line.

“I always have ideas for cute products. I constantly dream up the cutest pair of shoes, costumes or bikinis that I wish existed.  Sometimes I have the means to get my ideas custom made for myself but I have rarely had the opportunity to develop something for the public,” Marquardt told Pop Tarts.

And just incase you thought this "Girl Next Door" was the epitome of a girly girl, think again.

“Don't get me wrong, I am very girly but I have another side as well.  I'm very adventurous.  I love roller coasters, waterslides, trapeze and exploring haunted locations,” Marquardt added. “I love to go hiking, camping, rafting, etc. I've been sky diving, parasailing, rock climbing, cliff jumping, scuba diving, swimming with sharks and flying in aerobatic planes (just to name a few).  I'm not a tomboy by any means, but I am an adventure and experience seeker. I just might do it differently than everyone else...like with a pink rhinestone helmet and pig tails!”


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