Massive blaze destroys classic car collection

A fire that lit up the night sky in the English countryside on Tuesday night destroyed a collection of classic cars, along with RVs and several buildings.

The blaze on the Wickford farm was started by an unattended bonfire that got out of control and caused several gas canisters to explode, SWNS reports.

Local resident Chris Sherwin, 63, said the fumes made her dizzy.

“I heard a massive bang and it was so loud that I thought someone had crashed their car into a wall,” said local resident Chris Sherwin, who became dizzy from the fumes.

Devastation to cars after a fire in Wickford, Essex. See Masons copy MNFIRE: A family has been left tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket after their classic car collection went up in flames. Two Rolls Royces, a Jaguar and a limousine were among the haul destroyed in the "horrific" blaze, sparked by an unattended bonfire. Neighbours described hearing a "massive bang" before flames spread more than 30 metres to several sheds, outbuildings, and caravans. Chris Sherwin, 63, said she became dizzy due to the fumes caused by the fire, which took more than six hours to get under control.


According to the farm’s neighbors, there were two old Rolls Royces, a Jaguar, a limousine and several RVs among the destroyed vehicles.

Photos of the aftermath show several of the vehicles that were burned down to their skeletons during the inferno, which took six hours for fire services to get under control.

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