Stoned driver crashes $250,000 Ferrari seconds after getting in

A British man has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of drugs after he got behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Spider and proceeded to wreck it just 1,000 yards down the road.

Naheem Patel had borrowed the $250,000 supercar from his uncle to drive to a social event in Bolton on November 24, but his day out ended wrapped around a light pole instead.

The smashed up Ferrari Spider after it crashed into a lamppost on Beaumont Road, Bolton. See Ross Parry story RPYFERRARI; Real life Ferris Bueller moment as son writes off his dad's FERRARI after taking it for a spin while stoned. A DRIVER who crashed his uncle's Ferrari had previously been smoking cannabis. Bolton magistrates heard how Naeem Patel had borrowed his relative's supercar to attend a social event on November 24. But as he was on his way to return the Ferrari Spider to his uncle the next day, he crashed into a lamppost on Beaumont Road, Bolton. "It is safe to say he (the uncle) was not best pleased," said Shahid Ali, defending. The court heard that police were called to Beaumont Road at just before 2pm on Saturday, November 25 after reports that a car had crashed near the Britannia Hotel.

The Ferrari 458 Spider has 570 hp and a top speed of 199 mph.  (SWNS)

Patel admitted to taking a few puffs of cannabis to relax when a police officer responding to the accident saw his bloodshot eyes and smelled the narcotic on him, according to SWNS.

A mouth swab confirmed this to be the case.



The accident happened on Beaumont Road near the Britannia Bolton Hotel.  (Google Earth)

The 28-year-old's lawyer told the court this week that "it is safe to say he (the uncle) was not best pleased."

Since he had a clean record otherwise, the court let Patel off with a £400 ($550) fine and suspended his license for a year.

"He is not one to mess about with the system. He accepts what he did,” the lawyer added.

"It is quite clear that a disqualification is going to create havoc with regard to his personal and family life."