Custom classic truck son built as tribute to his father stolen from garage

Brandon Brady wanted to build a truck that looked just like his dad’s, but someone stole the classic pickup before he could finish it.

Brady was storing the 1968 Chevy C10 in a neighbor’s garage in Olympia, Wash., when it disappeared without a trace a few days before Christmas. It hasn’t been seen since.

‘Very angry still and still (have) that knot in your stomach where you don’t know what to do,” Brady told Q13 Fox News.

It’d be hard to miss, too. The two-door, short bed Chevy has five-spoke rims, a burnt orange paint job and a white roof that makes it a ‘Mini-Me’ twin to a truck that his father built.

The only thing missing is the white Chevrolet lettering on the tailgate that Brady hadn’t gotten around to, but it’s the connection to his father that he misses the most.


Brady is hopeful that the truck is still in one piece and just hidden away nearby.

Anyone with information on the truck’s whereabouts can report it to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers of the South Sound, which is offering a $1,000 award for tips that lead to its return.