Hennessey Performance teases first 300 mph car

Will Hennessey Performance's new supercar be the first street legal production car to hit the 300 mph barrier?

That’s certainly what the Sealy, Tex., carmaker is suggesting in a series of images announcing the upcoming reveal of its Venom F5.



 (Hennessey Special Vehicles)

In the first, the low-slung silver coupe is pictured in the middle of a lonely highway that stretches toward a storm on the horizon, while a second pans a bit to the right to reveal a ‘Speed Limit 300’ sign.


The Venom GT hit 270 mph on a runway at the Kennedy Space Center  (Hennessey Special Vehicles)

Hennessey has so far only said that the F5 will approach that speed, but it is looking to outdo the 270 mph Venom GT that preceded it.

That Lotus-based car had a 1,244 twin-turbocharged V8, but also a lot of aerodynamic drag, so the F5 is being designed on its own chassis that’s filled with air channels to make it slipperier at high speeds. Later versions of the GT got a bump to 1,451 hp, and the F5 will likely have no less than that.

As for the price, we may find out how much it is when the F5 is revealed on November 1 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, but the 13 GTs that were built sold for around $1.2 million each.