Callaway Corvette AeroWagen now on sale



That mid-engine Corvette you’ve been waiting for? It’s now happening yet, but there are some interesting things going on behind the seats of Chevy’s sports car.

Noted Corvette tuner Callaway Cars has confirmed the availability of the AeroWagen conversion that it first proposed in 2013. It replaces the glass hatchback with a carbon fiber one that transforms the Corvette coupe into what’s typically known as a "shooting brake."

Callaway says that it reduces the car’s aerodynamic drag, while increasing its cargo capacity by a “significant” amount.

No, you don’t get rear seats. The interior of the Corvette doesn’t change at all, and you get to keep your targa top. An open-air station wagon? Clearly there’s a first for everything.

The conversion is available on any seventh-generation Corvette coupe, even if it hasn’t undergone other Callaway updates.  The price isn’t set in stone, but AutoGuide reports that it will be around $15,000.

Orders are currently being taken for deliveries staring in the fourth quarter of 2016. Who knows, maybe the mid-engine Corvette will show up by then, too.


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