84-year-old man tires of waiting for government, paves road

Global News Canada

 (Global News Canada)

An 84-year-old Canadian man would do anything for love…and that includes paving a road.

Preston Perry of Upper Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia, made news after he got so sick and tired of the potholes on the gravel road he lives on that he grabbed his front loader-equipped tractor and started filling them in himself.

Perry told Global News Canada that he and his neighbors have been asking the government for years to fix the road, either by filling in the road or paving it, but with no luck so far.

Concerned in part about passing cars being damaged and stuck, Perry’s been working the half-mile-long stretch for the past week, but the main reason behind his labors is closer to home. Perry’s 82-year-old wife once broke her back in a car accident and riding on the road is painful for her.

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“Every time we go over them holes, it hurts her back and she hollers,” Perry said.

Government officials tell Global News Canada that it will start working on the road in the Spring, but hasn’t confirmed any plans to pave it.

Until then, Perry will keep up the maintenance the best that he can, and may bring in the big guns if necessary.

“My grandson’s got a backhoe,” he said.