Nissan wants to put you in a Dayz, and, yes, that’s spelled correctly.

The automaker has unveiled its Teatro for Dayz concept. It’s an electric microvan filled with a dazzling array of touchscreens and displays that are designed to offer the new generation of “share natives” constant connectivity with each other and the outside world.

Nearly every surface, from the dashboard and seats to the door panels and steering wheel, is interactive, and there are screens on the car’s exterior to visually communicate with other vehicles, and provide information like the battery’s state of charge. Any autonomous driving features to counteract this potentially distracting information overload have not yet been revealed.

Accelerator and brake pedals with the symbols for play and pause further play into the mobile smart device motif, while large opposing doors should make unboxing its occupants a snap.

The Teatro for Dayz will make its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in late October, where Nissan will certainly be keeping an eye out for the reaction to it on social media. :-)


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