Report: Two children dig their way out of kindergarten in plot to buy Jaguar

Jaguar's "It's good to be bad" advertising campaign

Jaguar's "It's good to be bad" advertising campaign  (Jaguar)

The first week back at school can be a troublesome time for many.

Two 5-year-old children in Magnitogorsk, Russia, found it so troublesome, in fact, that they hatched a plan to break out of kindergarten and buy a Jaguar, according to the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

Amazingly, it worked!

Almost . . .

The two children were successfully able to break out of their fenced-in kindergarten by reportedly using tools from the sandpit to dig a hole under the fence. They had apparently been gone for 30 minutes before it occurred to the kindergarten staff that they were missing.

Together, the report says they travelled for about a mile until they came across the Jaguar dealership, at which point a passerby became concerned by seeing two children hanging around at a car dealership unsupervised.

According to the report, the children explained that they’d come to buy a “grown-up car” but had no money for a down payment. Not too much later, they found themselves in front of the police, who returned them to the kindergarten where their teacher was apparently fired and the kindergarten head was issued a warning.

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