American Expedition Vehicles gives Ram's heavy duty pickups a lift



Is your heavy duty Ram pickup not Ram Tough enough?

American Expedition Vehicles has introduced a collection of equipment that it says was developed to turn it into a serious off-road machine without upsetting its manners on the street, even though it looks pretty mean.

It starts with a 3-inch lift kit that’s offered for both 2500 and 3500 models for $1,900. It works with the full selection of springs offered from the factory, and includes spacers, track bars, drag link, custom-tuned Bilstein shocks – all designed to maintain its stock driving characteristics, plus a speedometer calibration to go with the 37-inch tires the company recommends, and will be happy to sell you one of two rim styles its designed to go with them for $240 a pop.

Unlike Ram’s own high-riding Power Wagon, the AEV kit is available for diesel-powered pickups. If you want to make sure your Cummins is breathing clean air, there’s also a $420 raised air intake that puts a big, 5-inch intake up at roof level, which can be equipped with a self-cleaning dust filtration system. A gasoline version is also in the works.

Finally, AEV designed a stamped-steel bumper with tow loops strong enough to work as wear plates on steep climbs, a spot for a 16,500-pound winch, and a protective shroud for the intercooler used on diesel models. It’s $2,300, but can be outfitted with a well-integrated Vision LED light cannons and a 3,200 lumens light bar for about double that price.