Ram Texas Ranger edition pickup is worthy of investigation

2015 Ram 1500 Texas Ranger Concept truck


Ram has built a truck for the Texas Rangers. Not the baseball players, but the law enforcement agents.

And you may be able to ride like one of them, soon.

Unveiled at the Dallas Auto Show, the Ram 1500 pickup concept highlights the automaker’s partnership with the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum, and features the Texas Department of Public Safety division’s logo on the fenders, tailgate, wheel hubs and throughout the cabin. It’ll be used for promotional events.

The interior is finished in brown and tan leather upholstery, open pore wood inserts and galvanized metal trim. Authentic Mexican five-peso silver coins are embedded in the door panels, commemorating their use for the Ranger’s original badges, and there’s also a metal safe with a combination lock in the center console for any “valuables” investigative types are wont to carry around.

For now, the truck is a one-off, but Ram says a production run of special edition pickups is possible.

If not, you can always pick up a 1995 Ram 1500, we hear it’s Chuck Norris approved.