World famous wrecked Lamborghini listed for sale


Possibly the most famous Lamborghini in the world can be yours for just $7,300. Of course, it needs a little work.

The burnt remains of a $250,000 Lamborghini Huracan that was crashed during an illegal 208 mph run down a Hungarian highway this past September have been put up for sale.

Video of the incident shot by the passenger in the car quickly spread around the Internet after police released it last week. Amazingly, both of the people in the car survived.

There’s not much left of it, however, and most of it is in pretty bad shape. But an intrepid junkyard dog may be able to find some value left among the shredded tires and fire-damaged metal.

In fact, it looks like the one thing worth anything on the car has already been accounted for, as a single carbon ceramic brake assembly is being offered in a separate auction for around $1,230.