Rotary-powered hybrid military motorcycle can run on diesel or gas

Logos Technologies

 (Logos Technologies)

The folks behind the SilentHawk ‘stealth’ motorcycle have shared some additional information about their innovative Special Forces machine, which is entering a Phase II trial funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Logos Technologies tells that the motorcycle, which is based on the Alta Motors RedShift electric bike, is fitted with a hybrid powertrain that combines a battery-powered electric motor with a small Wankel rotary engine supplied by Cubewano that works as a range-extending generator and can power electrical equipment in the field.

The rotary motor can run on diesel, JP-8, gasoline, or a mix of the three, so anything the operator can get their hands on during a mission will work. It’s installed in a series hybrid configuration, so it simply generates electricity and doesn’t provide direct drive to the wheels. It was designed to be removed in less than 30 minutes, making the bike all-electric and lighter for specific missions, but even when the engine is running, the SilentHawk produces just 75 db of noise, compared to over 100 db for a typical motorcycle.

The total range is 170 miles, with 50 of those in “silent drive” battery-powered mode. It weighs approximately 350 pounds and has a top speed of 90 mph. It also features a small, hub-mounted motor in the front wheel that gives it two-wheel-drive for added off-road capability.

Logos Technologies says the price per unit should be “affordable,” thanks to all of the off-the shelf componentry it uses. A production RedShift MX currently retails for $14,995.