$845,000 Porsche supercar catches fire at gas station

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This is not the way you want to burn through $845,000.

A rare, Porsche 918 Spyder supercar caught fire at a gas station in the Toronto suburb of Caledon Sunday night, mostly destroying the vehicle and damaging a fuel pump.

The aftermath of the incident was caught on video by a passing motorist and shows the car engulfed in flames under the edge of the Esso station’s canopy.

Caledon Fire Chief Dave Forfar told that that the fire was apparently the result of a refueling overflow issue, but that the vehicle is currently in police custody and an investigation is ongoing. There were no injuries and the inferno was quickly extinguished with foam when firefighters arrived on the scene.


The 918 is a mid-engine plug-in hybrid that features exhaust pipes exiting above the engine, just next to the B-pillar mounted gas cap, but investigators have not yet determined the ignition source.

Forfar says officials from the Technical Standards and Safety Authority will be visiting the scene to determine if there was an issue with the pump that could have led to the overflow, or if it was operator error. A Porsche spokesperson said the company has “no comment pending further investigation.”

According to, the car is owned and was being driven by Michael Wekerle, a Canadian financier and star of the CBC show “Dragon’s Den,” which is the Canadian version of ABC’s “Shark Tank.” When contacted by, the media representative at Wekerle’s firm, Difference Capital, said the company has no comment on the reports at this time.

The 918 has 887 horsepower, a top speed of 214 mph, and a fuel economy rating equivalent to 67 miles per gallon. Porsche plans to build just 918 units of the car, each of which may have just become slightly more valuable.

Speaking of exhaust pipes: