Lincoln "won't rule out" Mustang-based performance car

Lincoln MKR

Lincoln MKR  (Lincoln)

Like American muscle, but think the Ford Mustang isn't classy enough for you?

Well, you might be in luck.

Lincoln’s head of marketing and sales, Matt VanDyke, says a Mustang-based car could be in the cards for the luxury brand.

Speaking with about the company’s upcoming cars, which are limited to front-wheel-based sedans and crossovers, and the Navigator SUV, VanDyke said “we need to get into other segments with other vehicles.”

Asked if a sporty, Mustang based model could be part of the mix, VanDyke asswered “we won’t rule out anything.”

Ford’s business philosophy, known as One Ford, calls for multiple models to be built off common platforms, and the upcoming 2015 Mustang is the only car in the U.S. that’s a one-off.

Interestingly, the chassis for the 2004 Mustang was loosely-based on the one under the Lincoln LS, which was Lincoln’s last attempt at building a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan. Then, in 2007, Lincoln unveiled the sleek Mustang-based MKR concept, but never made it into production.

How soon before a Lincoln muscle car could hit the streets? Probably not before 2017, at the earliest.

The company is in the middle of refreshing its core lineup, with a new Navigator coming later this year, followed by updated MKX and MKS models for 2016, and a possible compact sedan joining the mix.