Dodge "Defiance" Lawkeeper ready to patrol the future

The Dodge brand has partnered with Syfy and Trion Worlds for “Defiance,” the first-ever convergence of television programming and online gaming. As the exclusive automotive sponsor, two Dodge Chargers with exterior modifications to fit the futuristic storyline, are integrated into the television drama, becoming main characters of the story.


If you thought the Dodge Charger makes for a pretty mean-looking cop car today, wait until 2046.

The automaker has co-developed a post-apocalyptic version of its police cruiser for the Syfy series “Defiance,” which is set on a future Earth where civilization has been accidentally destroyed by visitors from outer space who came to settle the planet, unaware that it was populated by humans driving Hemi-powered muscle cars.

The vehicle used in the show is heavily modified with off-road wheels and tires, a strengthened chassis, jury-rigged armor covering the windows and an exoskeleton-type frame to protect it from some of the huge and horrible wild beasts that the humanoid aliens brought along with them from their home planet.

Instead of that Hemi, the car is powered by a “petrohop” supercharged-hybrid powertrain, complete with a glowing, blue manifold of some sort sticking out of the hood.

The rat-rod looking ride is driven by Chief “Lawkeeper” Jeb Nolan, played by Grant Bowler, who patrols the streets of the titular city of Defiance, a boom town built on top of the ruins of St. Louis.

With a reboot of “Mad Max” in the works for next year, we could be in for one very awesome dystopian drag race at a classic car show in our future.

Assuming the aliens don’t ruin it for us.