Double-wide Jeep Wrangler owns the road



You won’t miss this coming in your rearview mirror, no matter what lane you’re driving in.

What may be the first Siamese Jeep Wrangler has hit the road in Morocco.

The double-wide ride was created by a diplomat living in the city of Rabat, according to the person behind a viral video making the rounds via YouTube.

There are no details on exactly who built it, or how, but the bizarre creation appears to be at least 12-feet-wide, too big to fit into a standard motorway lane.

A photo of the vehicle uploaded to Flickr apparently of the same vehicle (there can't be two, can there?) indicates that it seats at least 10 people, and has twin radiators, which suggests it uses two engines.

No word if it’s still Trail Rated, but we’re guessing it might be a little wide for the more challenging parts of the Rubicon Trail.