91-year-old grandma goes rally racing

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  • CarrRacingTeam

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Ken Block may finally have some competition.

A 91-year-old grandmother has become an unlikely extreme motorsports star after a video of her competing for the first time in an off-road rallycross race was featured on automotive enthusiast website, Jalopnik.com.

The appropriately named Jesse Carr, tells FoxNews.com that his grandmother, Betty Poltrack, took a couple of runs in his modified 2002 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS at the RallyCross Against Leukemia event at the Lakes Region Casino in Belmont, New Hampshire, this past weekend.

RallyX, as it is officially known, is a dirt or gravel version of autocross, where drivers compete against the clock over a one-lap course marked by cones.

It’s clear from the video that Betty didn’t hold back as Jesse coached her from the passenger seat. A born (long ago) competitor, on the second run seen in the video she took nine seconds off of her time and declared it “exciting!”

As for her future as a driver, Jesse says she wants to get herself a MINI Cooper S, which just happens to be one of the most popular cars used in autocross events.

Now all she needs is an energy drink sponsor and a flat bill cap and the retired school teacher is all set for a role in Block’s next Gymkhana video.

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