Is Cadillac planning something big?

Cadillac's Jim Vurpillat and Jeanne Merchant on quality and the new XTS sedan


Cadillac has a big year ahead of it.

The luxury automaker is launching two all-new sedans for 2013, the ATS and XTS.

The compact and full-size four-doors to act as bookends for the current mid-size CTS, giving dealers a lineup of small, medium and large cars for their showrooms for the first time in several years.

But what about a Big Gulp?

A couple of weeks ago it was discovered that General Motors had filed a trademark application for the name LTS, sparking speculation that Cadillac is planning an even larger, more luxurious flagship than the XTS, which has a starting price of just $44,995. In a market where even Hyundai sells a $60,000 car, $45G is low by premium standards.

Last year Cadillac unveiled an audacious, four-door convertible concept car called the Ciel, to judge interest in an ultra-premium car from the brand. It was well-received.

“Right now, in development or in design are more Cadillacs under development than any time in our history, and that’s a 110-year history,” Cadillac’s head of marketing, Jim Vurpillat tells FoxNews.com.

While not confirming or denying any plans for an LTS-badged car, Vurpillat acknowledged the trademark application and, in an interview on Fox Car Report, said an onslaught of product is on the way, which includes the Chevy Volt-based ELR plug-in hybrid.

“There’s more to come for the Cadillac brand and that expansion of the portfolio, and the XTS starts it, ATS gets it going even more and there will be more coming in the coming years, so it’s a really exciting time.”

Watch the full Fox Car Report interview