New car tech will spot and stop drunk drivers

Self-driving cars are all the rage these days, but what about one that can decide when not to drive?

Swedish automotive safety equipment manufacturer, Autoliv, is working on an in-car breathalyzer that works without any input from the driver, accordting to Automotive News.

Unlike existing systems that require a driver to breathe into a tube before a car will start, the new technology will use an sensor that is currently under development and would likely be located in the steering wheel hub to constantly monitor the driver's breath, Autoliv spokesperson Mats Odman tells

"Sometimes people try to trick today's systems by having someone else breathe into the tube," Odman says. "That will not be possible with the one we are working on."

In fact, the opposite might be true for a designated driver with a car full of inebriated passengers and the windows closed, but they're working on it.

Beyond enforcing drunk driving probations, Odman says law abiding drivers could rely on the system let them know if they might be under the influence after a few drinks.

Autoliv hopes to begin offering the technology to manufacturers within five years.

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