Formula One team cuts car in half to expose secrets within

Sauber Motorsport

 (Sauber Motorsport)

Formula One racing teams can rebuild their cars in a blink of an eye, but cutting one in half? Not so much.

Technicians for the Sauber Formula One team recently completed a two-year project to slice one of their cars right down the middle, exposing all of the parts within like a dissected frog in science class.

The project took so long because it was done in what little spare time the team had available to it during its grueling schedule. The result is a unique look at what makes these cars tick, complete with a video walkaround by the team’s chief designer, Matt Morris.

At one point, Sauber driver Sergio Perez even gets “in” the car, illustrating the contorted position F1 pilots have to contend with while screaming down the track at speeds approaching 200 mph.

And you thought your subcompact was a tight fit.