Lamborghini to bring back the 'Rambo Lambo?'

Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini LM002  (Lamborghini)

Lamborghini will reveal an SUV concept at the Beijing auto show in April, according to a report in the Italian automobile magazine Quattroroute that was leaked online.

Scanned images of an article from the February issue of the publication show a five-door vehicle in the mold of the Porsche Cayenne that looks like a version of the company’s edgy Aventador supercar on steroids.

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Last October, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann told MotorAuthority that the company was working on a third model line and would decide early this year what form it would take. In 2008 it unveiled the Estoque four-door sedan concept which has been under consideration, as well.

The Quattroroute article says that the yet to be named 4x4 will likely be powered by the V10 engine currently found the in automaker’s $200,000 Gallardo coupe, but that a V8-based hybrid powertrain is possible in the future. An extensive use of carbon fiber should help keep the weight of the vehicle down, allowing for performance in line with Lamborghini’s reputation.

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Lamborghini started out building tractors, so the idea of an SUV from the automaker is not that far-fetched. In fact, from 1986 to 1993 the Italian company sold the LM002, a V12-powered truck that was originally intended to be a military vehicle like the Humvee, but turned into a high-priced exotic known affectionately as the “Rambo Lambo.” Just over 300 were sold.

As for the new model, a Lamborghini spokesperson tells Autocar that the report is "speculation."

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