Ashton Kutcher seen getting some good Fisker Karma

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Talk about method acting.

Ashton Kutcher was spotted by X17Online arriving at a forum of television critics behind the wheel of a plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma, just like the one his internet billionaire character, Walden Schmidt, drives on the TV series “Two and a Half Men.”

The $102,950 luxury car was first featured in this season’s second episode in a scene that played out as one of the most blatant product placements ever put on screen, even though Fisker says it didn't pay a dime for its appearance on the show.

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The sleek four-door can operate in all-electric mode for up to 32 miles per charge, then switches to a turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine that acts as a generator for its electric motors, similar to the Chevrolet Volt. It has an EPA rating of 20 mpg while operating in this “extended range” mode.

The driver also has the option of tapping both energy sources simultaneously, which makes the Karma capable of accelerating the 5,300-pound four-seater from 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

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One Fisker dealer tells that after the Karma’s appearance on the show interest in the car spiked dramatically. A Kutcher rep could not be reached to confirm if the star purchased the car or borrowed it to attend the event. Notable Karma owners include Leonardo DiCaprio and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

An outspoken environmentalist, Kutcher has also been seen driving various Toyota and Lexus hybrids, as well as a 14,000-pound NaviStar CXT pickup truck that gets an estimated 7 mpg.

If they want to use the latter on the show, they’ll probably have to start shooting in IMAX.

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