Walmart worker says chiding customer for leaving dog in car cost her job

A Walmart worker in Canada claims that speaking up for a doggie in distress cost her her job.

Carla Cheney, a former Kemptville, Ottawa, Walmart pharmacy technician, told CBC News she was worried about a canine left unattended in a truck by a customer. But when she confronted the customer instead of first reporting it to her supervisor, she apparently broke the retail giant's protocol - not to mention ticking off the customer.

"He told me it was none of my business and I said that that was fine, that if I saw him do it again I would just call the police next time," Cheney said. "He said he was no longer going to be shopping at that Walmart, and I said, 'OK.'"

A Walmart Canada spokeswoman said there are guidelines for employees to follow when it comes to identifying dangers, including those involving pets. But the company said the associate was not fired for "trying to help a dog in a locked car."

“We require our associates to follow these guidelines, which include reporting any safety concerns to a member of management, and engaging customers in a manner that is respectful,” Felicia Fefer told the CBC.

Walmart Canada also said in a statement that they will be posting signs in the front of their stores across Canada advising customers of the dangers of leaving kids and pets in hot vehicles.

A Facebook group dedicated to supporting Cheney, “Animal Rights for Kemptville Walmart,” had more than 12,000 members as of Friday afternoon.