Violence in China's far west has continued despite authorities' 6-month crackdown on unrest

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Chinese authorities say in a six-month report card on their security crackdown in Xinjiang that they busted 115 terrorist gangs before they could unleash violence. But tallies of death tolls in the ethnically tense region suggest the violence has continued, and may even have intensified.

Chinese state media outlets have reported at least 175 deaths in the past six months, compared with 46 reported killed during the same period last year.

In May, Beijing announced a one-year security clampdown in Xinjiang following a series of high-profile attacks on civilians blamed on extremists from Xinjiang.

A six-month report card on the campaign published on the Xinjiang government's official news site this week said 334 suspects had been detained and 294 cases of sharing online terrorism promoting material prosecuted.