US says 'non-lethal force' used in Guantanamo incident but won't confirm report of shot fired

A spokesman for the Guantanamo Bay prison says guards used what he called "non-lethal force" to quell a disturbance in a recreation yard.

Navy Capt. Robert Durand won't say what measures were employed. And he won't confirm a lawyer's report that a guard fired a shot at a prisoner, possibly using some type of non-lethal projectile such as a rubber bullet.

The incident occurred Jan. 2 but the military only disclosed it this week after attorney Clive Stafford Smith sent a letter to the camp commander calling for an investigation.

Durand said Wednesday no detainees were injured and a review by officials found guards followed procedures.

Smith says an Afghan prisoner was injured in the throat, either struck by the projectile or from a ricochet.