The U.N. Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against al-Qaida has removed a Saudi businessman from its blacklist.

The committee chairman, Germany's U.N. Ambassador Peter Wittig, said Friday that Yasin al-Qadi had been de-listed, following a recommendation by the blacklist's ombudsman to remove him.

Al-Qadi filed a law suit in 2009 in Washington, D.C. to be removed from a U.S. list of people accused of financing al-Qaida.

Al-Qadi's charitable Muwafaq foundation was identified by the U.S. Treasury department as an al-Qaida front and placed on a terror list in October 2001. Al-Qadi, 57, has denied the accusations.

The U.S., European Union, Switzerland and Turkey all took action against al-Qadi.

Over the past several years, a team of lawyers has worked successfully to overturn the decisions against al-Qadi in Turkey and Europe.