UN puts evacuations from Syrian battleground city of Homs on hold over fate of detained men

A senior U.N. official in Syria says the United Nations has put the evacuation of civilians from the blockaded city of Homs on hold until the fate of the detained men from rebel-held areas becomes clear.

Matthew Hollingworth said Friday that dozens of men and boys aged 15 to 55 who were evacuated from Homs during days-long truce between Syrian forces and rebels are still being questioned by Syrian authorities.

The government considers males between those ages to be potential combatants. They must obtain security clearance before they can be released.

Hollingworth says the U.N. would consider another evacuation of civilians once the detained men are processed.

Over the past week, the U.N. has overseen the evacuation of around 1,400 people from rebel-held parts of Homs, including around 400 men.