Ukrainian president reportedly seen in Russia-friendly Crimea; police cannot confirm

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies say they have no information about the whereabouts of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who reportedly was seen in Sevastopol, a port on Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula that is the home of Russia's Black Sea Fleet.

After signing an agreement with the opposition to end a conflict that turned deadly, Yanukovych fled the capital for eastern Ukraine. He tried to fly out of the country Saturday but was stopped by Ukraine's border service.

Opposition lawmaker Volodym Kurennoy said on his Facebook page that he had unconfirmed information that the president had been arrested in Crimea.

Ukrainain news portal reports that Sevastopol residents saw Yanukovych in the company of Russian marines.

Spokesmen for the Interior Ministry and Security Service in Crimea said Monday they had no such information.