UK jury convicts 2 of killing boy for 'witchcraft'

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A British jury has found a couple guilty of torturing and murdering a 15-year-old boy whom they accused of witchcraft.

Magalie Bamu and her partner Eric Bikubi were convicted Thursday of killing Magalie's brother Kristy Bamu, who drowned in a bathtub on Christmas Day 2010.

Prosecutors at London's Central Criminal Court said the teenager had 130 injuries inflicted by sticks, a metal bar, a hammer and a chisel. They said he eventually drowned after being forced into a bathtub and doused with cold water.

They said the boy's sister and her boyfriend beat him as part of a "deliverance" ceremony because they believed he had cast spells on another child in the family.

The couple, originally from Congo, had denied murder. They will be sentenced Monday.