Ugandan official: 1,700 Congolese M23 rebels, top commander surrender to Ugandan authorities

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A Ugandan military official says at least 1,700 Congolese M23 rebels, including the top commander, have surrendered to Ugandan authorities.

The official said Thursday M23's Gen. Sultani Makenga and his fighters were being held by the Ugandan military in Mgahinga, near the Congo border.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to give this information, said the rebels had been disarmed and were being registered by Ugandan officials.

This week the rebels lost control of all the territory they once held following an intensified offensive by Congolese troops who are backed by United Nations forces in eastern Congo.

Uganda had been hosting peace talks between the rebels and Congo's government. The rebels say their rebellion is over. A peace accord has not been signed.