U.S. Marine Missing in Bay on Japanese Island

OKINAWA, Japan -- A U.S. Marine Corps lance corporal was missing Tuesday after he was seen struggling in the water off the Japanese island of Okinawa, Stars and Stripes reported.

Two Marines walking on the beach saw the man in the waters of Ourawan Bay, off the island's northeastern shore, about 9:00 p.m. local time Monday.

One of the Marines went into the water to attempt a rescue but lost sight of the man, according to Hiroshi Iwanaga, chief of the search and rescue division of the coast guard's Nakagusaku branch.

A search was launched, with patrol boats and a helicopter scanning the water throughout the night. However, the search was suspended Tuesday due to an approaching storm.

Iwanaga said the missing Marine's name could not be released. A cell phone and a pair of shoes were found on the beach, he added.

USMC officials confirmed to Stars and Stripes that a Marine was listed as missing.