Turkey babies in prison

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    Children are behind the bars in Turkey

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    Hundreds of mothers and children are now in Turkish jails

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    Ahmet Canik

    Ahmet Canik Administrative Judge Fatih Canik was arrested and jailed in Kahramanmaras. Fatih`s five-year-old son Ahmet Canik lost his life in a traffic accident while he was crossing the street to visit his father in jail on 19 May 2017. Judge Canik’s family lives in the city of Afyon, but he was transferred to Kahramanmaras Prison; therefore, the family members were forced to travel hundreds of miles to visit him, and the tragic accident took place during one of their long commutes.
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    As of August 2017, there are 668 children in prison with their mothers

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    A recently released Turkish woman, Bergul, claims her hair was ripped from her scalp amid prisoner mistreatment in Turkey

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    Busra Atalay

    Busra Atalay was a detained pregnant woman with 6 month of twin babies. As a result of an early birth process, she lost one of her babies, the girl. The other baby is reportedly in intensive care.
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    Inadequate conditions in prisons, affecting children’s physical and cognitive development

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    Omer Celikbilek

    Omer Celikbilek: Hatice Kubra Celikbilek was arrested during the second wave of the police operations in Denizli. Many people including teachers, housewives, and small business people were accused of financially supporting a terrorist organization. She was reportedly arrested without an indictment; the prosecutor finally prepared one, and her trial was held months later. Baby Omer was eight months old and lived in prison with her mother
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