Turbulence on Milan-bound plane over Atlantic causes '10 seconds of terror,' injuries aboard

Airline officials say a plane flying from Havana to Milan hit unusually strong turbulence over the Atlantic, plunging some 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) in about 10 seconds and leaving some 30 people aboard with bruises and scrapes.

Giulio Buzzi, head of the pilots division at Neos Air, told Sky TG24 TV the plane's captain determined that the plane suffered no structural damage, and two passengers who are physicians checked the injured and decided no injury was serious. So the flight continued to Milan's Malpensa airport where it landed safely Monday.

The ANSA news agency quoted bruised passenger Edoardo De Lucchi as saying meals were being served when suddenly there was "10 seconds of terror." He recounted how plates went flying and some passengers not wearing seatbelts bounced about.