Sword-Wielding Family Robs Malaysian Gas Station

KUALA LUMPUR -- Malaysian police said Monday that they arrested a 49-year-old taxi driver and his family after they used swords to rob a gas station of cigarettes and chocolate.

District police chief Zainuddin Yaacob, describing the case as "off the wall," said the man brought his wife, four children and 16-month-old baby girl along for the Saturday afternoon heist in the southern state of Johor.

"While his wife and baby waited in his taxi, the man and his four older children robbed the petrol station, with his eight year old keeping lookout while holding onto a sword," he said. "The other three accompanied their father into the petrol station, armed with swords, and robbed the shop of four packs of cigarettes and chocolates."

Zainuddin said police, who were trailing the family, tried to stop the taxi driver but that he waved his weapon at them before getting into his car and leading police on a nine-mile chase before surrendering.

"We seized six swords, a vegetable knife and a wooden baton from the suspects," he added.

Zainuddin said police began following the taxi driver Saturday morning after the man's nephew lodged a report claiming that the taxi driver attacked him with a sword.

"However, when police arrived at his home, the man was seen fleeing with his family in a taxi, waving swords out the car's windows wildly before heading to the petrol station," he said, adding that initial investigations showed the man and his children also robbed the same gas station of food and cigarettes Friday.

Zainuddin said the taxi driver's family members were released on bail but that the man was remanded in custody for further investigations.