Spain: ETA disarmament verification committee appears in court to answer judge's questions

Three members of an international committee that oversaw a partial disarmament by Basque separatist group ETA have appeared in court to answer questions before an investigating judge.

Judge Ismael Moreno summoned them to Spain's National Court after committee spokesman Ram Manikkalingam said Friday that ETA had placed a small quantity of weapons out of use in what is viewed as a first step toward an unconditional total disarmament.

After appearing before Moreno some two hours on Sunday, Manikkalingam said they had answered question in a bid to be "transparent" and because they believed there was "a real chance for peace."

ETA is blamed for killing some 830 people between the late 1960s and its cease-fire in 2011 in a campaign for a Basque homeland in northern Spain and southwestern France.