Social-democratic party forms three-party government in Arctic Greenland

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The leader of Greenland's largest party after last month's elections says his group is forming a center-right government with two smaller parties.

Kim Kielsen said Thursday his social-democratic Siumut, the centrist Democrats and the business-oriented Atassut will have 17 of Parliament's 31 seats.

Kielsen, Greenland's next premier, said Siumut could not agree with left-leaning Inuit Ataqatigiit, or IA, over uranium mining in the ice-capped nation. Siumut finished barely ahead of IA in the Nov. 28 elections.

Last year, a Siumut-led government lifted a 25-year-old ban on uranium mining, paving the way to rare-earth projects that often generate uranium as a byproduct. IA wants to reinstate the ban.

The semi-autonomous territory governs its own affairs but depends on an annual grant of 3.6 billion kroner ($600 million) from Denmark.