Salvadoran man who says he drifted at sea for over a year still too frail to return home

The Salvadoran man who says he spent more than a year drifting across the Pacific before making landfall in the Marshall Islands is too frail to travel and will remain in the island nation for a while longer.

Diego Dalton, an official with El Salvador's embassy in Tokyo, says Jose Salvador Alvarenga is still weak and doesn't have plans to return home yet.

Alvarenga washed ashore late last month. The 37-year-old was taken last week to the Marshall Islands' capital, Majuro, where he has been resting at a hotel.

Dalton arrived in Majuro late Friday and met with Alvarenga.

He said Saturday that Alvarenga's health was "very frail" and that he would not return home until he was able to make the journey.