Puerto Rico, Drug Corridor to the US

Most of the drugs, are destined for the US East Coast, mainly entering the states through the Miami and New York City regions.

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    San Juan, PR. San Juan Police, Drug Enforcement Agency, and Customs and Border Protection display cocaine shipment seized off the coast of Puerto Rico. Authorities say it has a street value of over $80 million dollars and was bound for United States.
    Serafin Gomez
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    San Juan, PR. CBP agents interrupt postal shipment of drugs to U.S.
    Serafin Gomez
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    San Juan, PR.  Customs and Border Protection agents find 6lbs of cocaine hidden in detergent. The illegal narcotics shipment was headed to the a southern state in the United States.
    Serafin Gomez
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    San Juan Police and several U.S. law enforcement agencies hold press conference showing $80 million seizure of cocaine off the coast of Puerto Rico.
    Serafin Gomez
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    San Juan, PR. San Juan Police display $80 million dollar seizure of Cocaine. Smugglers were attempting to traffic the narcotics shipment to its eventual destination: the eastern seaboard of the U.S.
    Serafin Gomez
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