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  • Panjshir Valley: Afghanistan's forgotten 'green zone'
  • Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan
  • World-class emeralds seemingly just waiting to be mined in Panjshir Valley
  • Panjshir Valley
  • Home in Panjshir
  • Houses in Panjshir
  • Wall hanging of revered Mujahedeen leader Ahmad Shah Massoud, also known as the “Lion of the Panjshir.”
  • Panjshir Gov. Kamalluddin Nizami
  • Panjshir Province Police Chief Mohammad Ishaq Tamken with his team
  • Ahmad Shah Massoud's tomb
  • Home generated electricity
  • The rusting hulk of a partially submerged Russian tank, one of many used by the Soviets when they invaded Afghanistan in 1979.
  •   Testament to this fighting can been seen in the many bombed out shells of Soviet tanks and armored vehicles littering the valley floor
  • People of Panjshir